Our Impact

DG Digital set out to help Brighter Children, a non-profit focused on improving education for children in impoverished world communities, tell their story more effectively in 2018.

The goal of our partnership was to lay the groundwork for the non-profit to manage and grow their own brand awareness through social media and meaningful messaging.


“My story has been difficult to convey”

“In working with DG Digital, I found the best way to share where I come from and communicate the journey that inspired me to start Brighter Children. Now, I am comfortable sharing my story and using it to truly inspire others to help us make a difference in the lives and education of children across the globe.”

- Kunal Doshi, Founder & Director

The Challenge

Brighter Children partnered with DG to tackle two particular challenges. First, we had to find a way to better convey the origin story of Brighter Children to establish a strong brand origin. The founder had an incredible story to tell, but due to certain nuances and sensitivities of the story, he was unsure of the best way to deliver that narrative. Second, we needed to come up with a powerful and holistic messaging strategy. The Brighter Children Team is lean and therefore competes for funding with non-profits that have larger staffs and budgets, making it a little more difficult for Brighter Children to spread their message.


The Revised Strategy

DG first worked with the founder Kunal Doshi to write the story of how he came to found Brighter Children. To weave together topics of poverty, wealth and loss–a journey that transcends today’s politically charged pretenses and social injustices, reminding us what can happen when we give children the opportunity to succeed.

DG then created a social media strategy for the Brighter Children team to follow that would ensure their postings on Instagram and Facebook consistently represent this strong brand identity about using education to empower children and communities. The strategy helped their team effectively publicize its mission, share knowledge, and have an overall greater impact when posting, helping to increase brand awareness and donations.


Driving Conversions

How DG implemented an integrated, multi-channel campaign across the entire customer experience to drive revenue.

Creating Awareness

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